Modern Life

Geoff Hassall                     Gary Soloman                  Geoff Bridgford

‘Modern Life’

The ‘Modern Life’ band came about after a hiatus in the mid eighties when I took some time away from the endless touring and international travel I’d done as a drummer since 1966. I found myself living in Byron Bay (Australia) with a desire to focus more on playing guitar, singing and writing songs. As a drummer I’d played and recorded some great songs with many great songwriters, I’d also written and recorded a few of my own songs which weren’t too bad. So on the heels of inspiration I decided to go to Melbourne (arguably Australia’s musical capital city) to play some solo gigs. It was when I embarked on song writing collaborations with Suzie Speirs (Australian visual artist painter / writer)  that the feeling came about to put a band together to play original songs.
So with new found friends Gary Soloman on bass and Geoff Hassall on drums ‘Modern Life’ was formed.
When our shared interests and concerns about ecological conservation surfaced in some of the songs the band were invited to play at rallies and fund raising events supporting the initiatives of environmentally conscious organizations like The Wilderness Society and Greenpeace.
‘Modern Life’ were then invited to record at one of Melbourne’s primo recording studios.
In 2018 a four song EP reflecting an environmental theme has been compiled from these recordings and is available as a digital download
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‘Modern Life’ – ‘Ecoheads’ – EP
Plant a tree

World Wide Strike
Geoff Bridgford: Guitar and Vocals.
Gary Soloman: Bass, Backing Vocals.
Geoff Hassall Drums/Percussion, Backing Vocals.
Songs: Geoff Bridgford/Music – Suzie Speirs/Lyrics (Copyright © 1990 APRA/AMCOS)
Guest musicians: Mark Smith: Guitar. Jenny Carr: Keyboards. Margot Barrett: Backing vocals.
Recorded at Sing Sing studios, Melbourne, Australia.
Produced by Geoff Bridgford – Co-produced/engineered and mixed by Mark Woods.

Plant a Tree


World Wide Strike



Extra Extra (Live)