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Geoff Bridgford is an Australian singer songwriter who started his music career in the mid sixties as a drummer playing for two popular Australian bands ‘Steve and the Board’ and ‘The Groove’.

It was in London in 1970 that Geoff found international success as the drummer for the ‘Bee Gees’ playing on songs that were released on four albums and eight singles, receiving Gold Records for the million selling hits ‘Lonely Days’ and the Bee Gees first number one in the USA ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart’.

After leaving the Bee Gees Geoff continued his musical journey as an international recording and touring drummer.

From the mid eighties Geoff started focusing more on the singer songwriter aspect of his music career and has toured through the USA and Europe. He’s been writing songs since the early seventies and many have been released via the different bands and music projects he’s been involved with over the years. A selection of recordings (including some un-released songs and instrumentals) have been compiled on two ‘gb archives’ albums (vol.1 and vol.2) that can be streamed or downloaded from his music page. There’s also an album by ‘Modern Life’ a band he formed in the late eighties. 

In 2013 Geoff released his first solo album ‘Another World’

 Geoff Bridgford

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