Geoff Bridgford
Welcome to my website
I started my music career as a drummer in the mid sixties playing for popular Australian bands ‘Steve and the Board’ and ‘The Groove’
The Groove won the coveted first prize (a trip to the UK) in the Hoadley’s National Battle of the Sounds competition in 1968.
It was in London in 1970 while playing drums for UK based band ‘Tin Tin’ that I started recording with the (reunited) ‘Bee Gees’
(After their initial rise to fame in 1967/68 the Bee Gees broke up in 1969 and the brothers reunited in 1970)
I was asked to join the group following the release of the ‘Two Years On’ album.
I toured internationally with the Bee Gees and played on songs that were released on four albums, seven singles and received Gold records for the million selling hits ‘Lonely Days’ and ‘How Can You Mend A Broken Heart’ (the Bee Gees first number one in the USA)
The early seventies period is well documented in Bee Gee biographies as a tumultuous and uncertain transitional period for the brothers and by mid 1972 I had decided to leave the group.
After leaving the Bee Gees I continued my musical journey on the world stage as an international recording and touring drummer and from the late eighties as a singer songwriter – which led to the formation of a three piece band ‘Modern Life’
After living in the USA and Europe for many years I now reside in Australia.
I’ve released one solo album ‘Another World’ and a single ‘It’s My Heart Responding’


‘Music Is Like Breathing’

‘Angry Kids Will Change The World’

‘It’s My Heart Responding’

‘Ordinary Man’


‘Loving is where we start’


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